Plain Silicone Coated Hose (Orange) Plain Silicone Coated Hose (Orange)

Plain Silicone Coated Hose (Orange)

  • Heat protection for fuel lines, electrical cables etc.
  • Fast, economical and effective installation – slips on like a sock
  • Ideal for tight fit areas
  • The internal fibreglass can withstand constant temperatures up to 530°C
  • The external silicone layer can withstand;
  • A splash of 1650°C molten metal
  • Constant temperatures up to 260°C

Length Per Metre (minimum 1 metre)

Stock Code To Suit Tube OD
SHC12 12mm
SHC16 16mm
SHC19 19mm
SHC22 22mm
SHC25 25mm
SHC29 29mm
SHC32 32mm
SHC38 38mm
SHC45 45mm
SHC50 50mm
SHC57 57mm
SHC64 64mm
SHC68 68mm
SHC75 75mm
SHC80 80mm
SHC95 95mm
SHC110 110mm
SHC135 135mm
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