Mild Steel - 2 BOLT Flange Plates Mild Steel - 2 BOLT Flange Plates

Mild Steel - 2 BOLT Flange Plates

Stock Code Centre HoleBolt hole CentresTYPICAL APPLICATIONGasket to Suit
FP2OXY ¾” (19mm) 44mm Oxy Sensor -
FP235VW 1⅜" (35mm) 59mm Universal VW VWG1
FP238 1½” (38mm) 62mm Universal SUG1
FP238-64 1½” (38mm) 64mm Universal -
FP245M-8 1¾" (45mm) 70mm Mazda MAG2
FP245M-10 1¾" (45mm) 70mm Mazda MAG2
FP245F 1¾" (45mm) 82mm Ford MAG14
FP251 2” (51mm) 82mm Ford XF MAG14
FP251-74 2” (51mm) 74mm Universal -
FP251-90 2” (51mm) 90mm Universal DNG89
FP251-100 2” (51mm) 100mm Universal -
FP257EA 2¼" (57mm) 86mm Ford EA-AU FDG108
FP257-96 2¼" (57mm) 96mm Nissan DNG89
FP257 2¼" (57mm) 105mm Holden GMG093
FP2I 2½” (63mm) 90mm Isuzu FDG25
FP263EA 2½” (63mm) 94mm Ford FDG25
FP263-102 2½” (63mm) 102mm Ford FDG25
FP263 2½” (63mm) 105mm Holden GMG093
FP270 2¾" (70mm) 105mm Holden Cat Converter GMG093
FP276 3” (76mm) 105mm Holden GMG093/76
FP276-116 3” (76mm) 116mm Holden -
FP280 3⅛" (80mm) 105mm Holden Cat Converter GMG093/76
FP289 3½” (89mm) 119mm Universal FG289
FP2102 4” (102mm) 132mm Universal FG2102
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