Large spring loaded T-Bolt Clamp

Large spring loaded T-Bolt Clamp

BAND - Solid Stainless 16mm wide, BOLT - Zinc Bolt with Nylon Locknut

Stock Code Alternate CodeWorking Range
TBS57-65 848-36 57.2-65.1mm
TBS67-75 848-43 66.7-74.6mm
TBS79-87 848-50 79.4-87.3mm
TBS86-94 848-54 85.7-93.7mm
TBS92-100 848-58 92.1-100.0mm
TBS99-107 848-62 99.0-107.0mm
TBS105-113 848-66 104.8-112.7mm
TBS114-122 848-72 114.3-122.2mm
TBS116-124 848-74 115.9-123.8mm
TBS127-135 848-82 127.0-134.9mm
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