About us

Our Guarantee

  • Dealing with our expert team will give you quality, reliability and outstanding service ... exactly what you need
  • Same day dispatch on standard stock items
  • Australia wide delivery
  • 24-hour priority turn around times in manufacturing
  • Returns or exchanges on standard stock items
  • All products are covered by warranty

Our Mission

At CSC Exhaust Parts the mission is to stimulate and sustain a culture of ingenuity that constantly supports the development and advancement of complete exhaust solutions across a range of industries.

This is to be achieved by combining the knowledge, experience and dedication of our employees; in onsite manufacturing, product sourcing and warehousing, with sustainable long term supplier and customer business relationships.

Our Vision

At CSC Exhaust Parts, our vision is to be the leading authority in the manufacture and distribution of OEM and aftermarket exhaust components. This is done by offering innovative and economical solutions, bespoke product warehousing, and unmatched service that’s backed by a dedicated and experienced support team.

Our Corporate Values

We build relationships based on:


We critically examine our solutions to ensure they are exact and align with our clients’ objectives and desired outcomes.


We always act with the utmost integrity, and choose what is ethical and exact for our clients and the environment.


We treat our clients, our suppliers, work colleges and the community with respect as it's exactly what they deserve.


We encourage innovation, continuous improvement and learning so we can offer the exact solution for your needs.


We take a personal interest in our clients’ success. We work with them as partners to help reach their exact objectives.

3 ways to order or seek advice

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Fax 02 4578 1333
email sales@cscparts.com.au